Umeed means hope in English is a unique social action project (SAP) initiated by our volunteers when one of them realized how difficult it is for a Thalassemia patient to get blood and the pain they go through during the blood transfusion process.

The process gets even more difficult when the patient suffering from thalassemia is a child. Our volunteers requested the management of Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Hospital to allow them to provide fun-filled environment to the kids receiving treatment. They accepted our request and our volunteers made arrangements for the kids. Luckily, a kid’s birthday was on the same date when our volunteers were there making arrangements.

AeN participants not only celebrated the birthday of that kid but also offered gift boxes, snacks, juices, and face painting services to the kids receiving thalassemia treatment.

AeN as a program equipped them with the right skills to make things happen while also making them aware how their small contribution can make a lasting impact. Our volunteers pledged to continue these kind of social activities, as they draw satisfaction by putting a smile on people’s faces.

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