Sughar Katcheri

There are many important elements of our culture that are fading away. Technology has taken over or replaced the way we do things. Katcheri is one such element of our culture in which elders of the house used to sit with the children to tell them stories, pass their wisdom, and share their experience.

Unfortunately, Katcheri is something alien to our young generation, but its benefits cannot be ignored. This was the realization of AeN participants, who then decided to initiate a social action project (SAP) with the name Sughar Katcheri.

In this project, our participants requested the elders of the community to sit with the younger generation and have an open and honest discussion about anything and everything that the youth want to discuss. The results of this project were amazing, as not only elders enjoyed being valued and respected by the youth, but the youth also loved have a discussion about the society.

This project is a bridge between older and new generation and has equipped all the participants with a lot of knowledge in just one sitting. The youth participated in the project pledged to carry forward this idea of Katcheri in their schools and other areas.

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