Say No To Plastic

Maria is one of the participants of AeN (Azme Naujawan) Baldia Town. Maria and her team’s mission was to run a campaign against the usage of plastic bags in their daily life. The name of their Social Action Project was “SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS.” She said that we cannot change the entire world, but we can always play our role to save it and make it a better place to live.

“SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS” was sponsored by Hunar Ghar and they allowed these girls to use their machines and venue for as long as they want. Fabric was also funded by them and some of the fabric was arranged by them through fundraising. Maria with the help of a few more individuals, designed and stitched 100 bags. All the bags were made from the recycled fabric and it took them fifteen days to prepare these bags and then they distributed it in the community and created awareness about the issue among the community as well. After attending the awareness sessions, many women from the community reduced the usage of plastic and this SAP has benefited almost 200 people from the community.

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