Safe Drive, Safe Life

Traffic management is important to avoid accidents in every town, every city. But unfortunately, one of the biggest cities of the world Karachi has a town where there are no traffic signals, no traffic management, & no mechanism to control the traffic. The absence of traffic management system is causing accidents and leading to traffic congestions.

Our participants who received training from AeN platform learned about their social responsibilities and realized that their actions can make a huge difference. After realizing the traffic problem of Lyari, the participants of AeN along with the students designed a social action project (SAP) “Safe Drive, Safe Life.” The aim of this social action project was to create awareness about traffic rules among the community members and work on controlling the traffic.

We requested traffic police officers to help us create awareness about traffic rules, which they gladly accepted. Not only they helped in educating students about traffic rules but also helped control the traffic after that.

“Safe Drive, Safe Life” was a project that made the youth of Lyari pledge to follow traffic rules and proper safety procedure. Our participants came out on roads with the students and community members holding placards to create awareness while some participants/students also controlled the traffic flow with traffic police officers. The SAP was a successful one as our participants managed to raise awareness while involving the community as well.

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