Mazloom Deewar

The culture of wall chalking has penetrated deep in our society. Wall chalking, with time, becomes part of our narrative and part of our identity. This shouldn’t be the case. Wall chalking by any individual should not become part of who we are.

Our volunteers realized the repercussions of wall chalking and decided to initiate a program against it. A social action project (SAP) (as we call it) has been initiated to raise awareness among the community about the negative impacts of wall chalking. The message, our volunteers want to send across, is that negative image should not become part of our identity and narrative. Instead a positive image should be our identity and peace should dominate our narrative.

To make the SAP successful, our participants conducted a survey of the area, identified a few walls where negative messages were written, then finalized one (safe) location for repainting and writing a positive, peaceful message.

We enlisted the help of local students and asked them what kind of identity they wish to give to their town. Every student wrote/drew their positive inspiration on the wall. The participants and students along with the help of community members started painting the walls. At the beginning, AeN participants kick started the project, but later on the community members took charge and our participants were only offering assistance. This seemingly small activity brought the entire community together as by the end of this activity everyone participated in it – one way or the other.

This SAP made our participants realize that the problems of our communities are not going to solve themselves. We need to take initiatives and involve everyone and that’s how we can achieve everything.

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