Azme Naujawan (AeN) aims to empower Karachi’s disengage youth by equipping them with the skills they need to bring a positive change in the society through capacity building, mentoring and meaningful engagement.

Youth has the power to change the country

The youth of today is our future. They are the key to ensure prosperity, growth, and well-being of our society, if they are given a platform to channelize their energies. AeN provides a comprehensive training regimen to youth, so that they understand the importance of their role and work for bringing a positive social change in our society.


At AeN, we follow a linear youth empower strategy that revolves around three primary strands: training, development, and implementation. It’s a comprehensive engagement model for Karachi’s youth and offers them training to develop critical thinking, emotional intelligence, political awareness and a capacity to reach out to others. By grooming Karachi’s youth personally and professionally, we make them realize that can change the society by proposing solutions of the problems facing their communities.


A holistic training regimen for youth


Establishment of youth centers and youth groups


Social actions and social campaigns conducted by youth


AeN targets youth of two age brackets: 14-17 and 18-25.
The 5 months long program provides training to the youth and enables them to conduct
social action projects / campaigns in their respective communities throughout the duration of the program.

1. Youth

The training is based on 24 modules comprising 50 hours of training.

2. Social Action

The participants get 1-2 months to implement their social action projects.

3. Closing

After successful implementation of the social action projects, a closing ceremony will be conducted to certify these participants.

Youth Centers

Our youth centers – one present in every district of Karachi – are working to empower youth and enabling them to conduct social action projects for the betterment of their community. Our youth centers are working on building a sustainable youth network that can engage in solving the problems facing their communities. Young people, regardless of their class, gender, and religious and political affiliations can avail the benefits of our youth centers.
At every youth centers, AeN is busy in imparting holistic training to the youth that equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to think critically and analytically.
By training youth, we aim to create a large, sustainable network of trained and skilled youth committed to bring about a positive change in the society.
Our youth centers are busy in enabling youth to conduct meaningful social action projects and campaigns that solve the problems in their communities.

Our Partners

AeN is a program spearheaded by a consortium of civil society organizations that aims to enhance youth’s abilities for their future via capacity building, mentoring, and meaningful engagement.