A Platform for the Youth

Youth is the backbone of any nation and plays a crucial role in the prosperity of a country. Belonging to a nation that’s riddled with problems and yet has immense potential to survive against all the odds, our youth needs a platform that enables them to find a way out of problems and think analytically to develop a sense of belonging to the society and bring about a positive change.

Azme Naujawan (AeN) pledges to steer Pakistan’s youth into the right direction through high quality training and youth-centric mentorship.

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Join us in our cause in empowering Pakistan’s youth to contribute to society productively, as well as establish a key link in their communities through a greater sense of civic responsibility.

Core Values

Collaboration and Sharing

Diversity and Inclusion

Creativity and Critical Thinking

Personal and Social Responsibility

Honesty and Integrity

Youth Empowerment